About us

At Bru Muñoz Abogados we have extensive experience in legal advice thanks to the efforts of the professionals involved. The firm has been in operation since 1999 and today we have national and international offices. We are in contact with other places in Europe thanks to our partners with different languages.

Thanks to the progress and development achieved over the years, formed lawyers have incorporated through independent professional collaborations. Participating in the diversification of the firm, offering a wider vision.

At Bru Muñoz Abogados serve the different practices at legal areas and phases. We have a close contact with our clients, offering a different services for their benefits.

slider nuestro equipo We offer property managment and maintenance services Our services

slider nuestro equipo We offer property managment and maintenance services Our services

Our Values



We do our work as a vocation, assuming and fulfilling our obligations and building confidence among our clients.



Clarity and transparency towards our clients are key factors in our company these aspects generate the integrity we are built on.

implicación y compromiso


We are humans, we put ourselves in the place of our clients to offer exactly what they expcet.

trabajo en equipo


Tolerance, respect and consideration are important aspects in our employees managment. We work together as a team to foment collaborations and get better results out of the best of all of us.



We offer a quality work in both the service and customer service to guarantee satisfaction of our customers.


Customer Support

We are aware of the client’s problems, that is one of the reasons we pay special attention to them by  offering a personalized service.